For anyone wanting to visit Kittitas County…

(Written by another concerned citizen)
For anyone wanting to visit Kittitas County….. We’re doing OK here right now with COVID cases. We watch in horror as the rest of the country spikes and wonder how long before it makes its way here.
So if you plan on vacationing at our rivers, lakes or parks this summer, I think you should know that red ants and bedbugs have infested hotels and motels across the area due to a wetter than usual spring.
Mountain lions have eaten all domesticated animals and some smaller people.
The poison ivy has overtaken all other vegetation.
We have had bear sightings at every park and town.
We have Bigfoots invading private residences & OUR PARKS.
Porcupines “stabbing” small children should they dare to enter the forest.
Skunks have made their way over and multiplied at unprecedented rates and wander the local campgrounds in packs.
Murder hornets!?! We’ve got Crap loads of murder hornets.
And I’m pretty sure all private tiger owners have released them into the streets of our towns.
Head lice now fly… right beside the bats.
So do snakes…..
So stay where you are, in your own province, state or county where it’s safe!
Seriously, PLEASE DO NOT COME HERE… ✋🏼 🤗 and we also have NO TOILET PAPER!!

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