coyote crossing I-90 animal bridge

$6.2 Million dollar I-90 Animal Overpass Has Already Protected “one” Critter in WA State

The animal bridge over Interstate 90 is the first of 20 (TWENTY) that will allow animals to cross over the busy roadway and connects wildlife in the North and South Cascades. This 1st one cost $6.2 million dollars so a fair assumption is that all 20 of the animal bridges will cost WA State tax payers $124 million dollars.

On December 6, 2018, a lone coyote crossed the I-90 overpass. Some report it as the coyote “darted across I-90” making it sound like the coyote was playing a game of Frogger and dodging cars and trucks… but it merely walked across the newly constructed $6.2 million dollar over pass instead of using the already existing under passes.

The coyote was the first confirmed user of the state’s newest and largest wildlife bridge.

Twitter has a video of the coyote crossing the animal bridge.

i90 animal overpass

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