Washington State Route 903 is a 10.06-mile-long WA State Highway located entirely in Upper Kittitas County

SR903 is pretty much a basic 2 lane road between Cle Elum and Salmon La Sac.

SR903 is the only continuous road between Cle Elum, Roslyn, Ronald, Lake Cle Elum, Salmon La Sac, etc. Granted there are side roads in each town, but they all funnel onto SR903 eventually.

For those that are looking to get around I-90 traffic… SR903 will not help you unless you want to stop and buy some food/gas or trinkets and kill time while you wait for I-90 traffic to subside.

For emergency services that require large vehicles and/or massive equipment – SR903 is only 2 lanes.

SR903 cle elum roslyn ronald State Route

SR903 info:

SR903 at the end of Bull Frog Road near Sportland Mini-Mart

SR903 Traffic Jam

Is SR903 an evacuation constraint for Roslyn, Ronald, Lake Cle Elum?

Limited routes out of a community can led to mass congestion during evacuation.

More info in this article: Where will the West’s next deadly wildfire strike? The risks are everywhere.

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